All about Eden Wildlife

Transport to Eden

All international flights arrive and depart from Hosea Kutako International Airport in Windhoek, the Capital of Namibia. Your professional hunter will greet you upon arrival and assist you with the clearance of your rifles and ammunition through Customs. The hunting camp is approximately 530 kilometers (330 miles) northeast of Windhoek and the drive typically takes about 6 hours. There is also the option of a one and a half hour charter flight which takes you directly to Eden.

Most International flights arrive early morning in Windhoek, allowing for same day travel to Eden. However, if your arriving flight is later in the day, comfortable overnight accommodations will be arranged for you in Windhoek, and your journey to Eden will begin the next morning. Travel days are not billed as hunting days, even if hunting starts on your day of arrival at the camp, or if you hunt on the morning of your departure.


Guests are limited to 20 kilograms each (44 pounds) of baggage on the charter flights. Soft bags are required on charter flights and soft gun bags for use during the hunt are recommended. Hard suitcases and gun bags may be stored in Windhoek if necessary.

Personal Belongings

Although we have never experienced problems with theft, a safe is available at camp to secure cash or valuables.

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